Bodyshop Lily Cole Shimmer Cube

I had the most pleasant experience in The Body Shop Indonesia at Emporium Mall the beginning of the week. The staff who worked there was extremely nice without being too intrusive. You know what I mean? In Jakarta, the staff sometimes are either too friendly and pushing sales too much, or they can be unfriendly and unhelpful. It felt really nice to be able to shop inside a store with someone who was helpful, but not pushy. It was really nice!

As always, this is not a sponsored or ad post. I bought this product out of my own pocket and my review is based on my experience. let’s get to it!

Bodyshop lily cole shimmer cube

I was looking around the Bodyshop store to stock up on my Tree Tea Oil Facial cleanser to wash my brushes, and I came across the Bodyshop Shimmer Cube. Now, I’ve had experience with a few of them before, but I found them to be too frosty and the colors are so-so. However, I couldn’t take my eyes off this gorgeous Lily Cole Shimmer Cube (no. 24).

The Lily Cole Shimmer Cube is perfect for Spring! It consisted of Think Pink (top left), Go Violet (bottom left), Live Lilac (top right) and Tint It Pink (bottom right).

  • Think Pink: cranberry with metallic finish.
  • Go Violet: deep plum with metallic finish.
  • Live Lilac: frosty lilac.
  • Tint It Pink: frosty champagne with a pink undertone.

Lily Cole Shimmer Cube

Yes, this is a limited edition product. If you want it, grab it as soon as you can in your nearest store! This cost Rp. 199,000 in Indonesia. This no. 24 cube isn’t available anymore online in Bodyshop Canada and Bodyshop USA.


Even though it’s called a Shimmer Cube, I find most of the eyeshadows to be on the frosty side for the lighter colored ones, and metallic for the darker ones.


Easily blendable and very smooth, to my surprise. I’ve had bad experience with another shimmer cub, but this one is pretty good. Best applied with a flat eyeshadow brush so that you can pack it on the eyes. Very little fall-out.

Pigments pay-off:

Very lovely! Ok, I know it might not look like as though it’s super pigmented on my hands, but when I applied it on my eyes using brushes, it’s quite pigmented. If you apply it dry, the pigment is sheer, but if you apply it wet you can get more pigments out of it. Just you wait till you see my next post with a tutorial using the shimmer cube. You’ll be surprised! I, especially, love the Lilac eyeshadow!


Surprisingly cheaper than the N. American counterparts! It’s USD$22 and CAD$22, and I believe it’s AUS$40.95 (all prices quoted from the respective BodyShop websites). It’s only Rp. 199,000 (about USD$20) in Indonesia!

lily cole shimmer cube