Airsafe Carryon – No More Leaky Old Travel Bottles! [Partner Post]

I’ve recently have the pleasure to talk with Airsafe Carryon founder, Francine, regarding her new upcoming products! If you guys have been following me on my social media sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, you’d have known that I’ve been traveling a lot between Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
As you all are aware of, there’s a specific requirement for liquid/cream products on your carry-on for international flights. Due to all these travelings, I’ve bought, threw away, and/or re-used travel-size bottles. However, most of the issue comes when these travel bottles started to leak! I usually placed my travel bottles in a ziplock bag, but sometimes the bag is too flimsy. It’s so very troublesome to find a good travel-sized bottles!!!
So, my search for the perfect travel bottles continues…
Airsafe Carryon
That’s where Francine and her company come in! Airsafe carryon is producing a leak-proof travel system. Look at the pictures below, I mean, aren’t they just adorable? I love how it also comes in a hard-cover protective case, so you don’t have to put these containers in a flimsy zip-lock bag.
If you do travel a lot, and are thinking or looking for a travel bottle, I recommend you to take a look at Airsafe Carryon! The products have just recently been launched, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!
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Below is a short article from their press release!

NEW YORK, NY (February, 2014) — According to airline surveys, consumers consistently complain of limited legroom on flights and the tight liquid carryon restrictions limiting passengers from bringing their favorite liquid products from home that are very much a part of their daily lives. As passengers have scaled down pushing their liquids into plastic travel sized containers few realize that the containers themselves may be toxic and unsafe. Knowing toxic exposure far too well in our daily lives, Francine A Weinberg has made it her mission to solve this problem by designing the safest and most convenient liquid containers possible for air travel.
“I lost my brother at a young age to a rare bone cancer linked to chemical exposure. Richard’s passing had a tremendous impact on me, and in his memory, I was determined to make a change. As a consultant, I traveled often and seeing the millions of fellow travelers using make-shift containers to meet carryon restrictions, I was determined to focus on the safety aspect coupled with convenience for millions of air travelers—and this gave life to Airsafe Carryon”, says Francine.
The unique containers are now ready for production and Francine took the design one step further by creating attractive durable and washable nylon travel pouches for the carrying case, making this an “must have” travel accessory. “First and foremost, we all want our skin and hair care products with us when we travel— so the containers were designed for safety, easy transfer and quick clean up,” adds Francine.
This vibrant and energetic inventor of AirSafe Carryon is bringing her entrepreneurship to the crowdfunding site to raise money to bring the product to market. She is determined to bring her advocacy to the public of safety, convenience and style by inviting contributors to be a part of her “The Evolution of Travel.”
The public is invited to share in this venture at or visit

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Airsafe Carrryon is the solution!
What is Airsafe Carryon? 
Airsafe Carryon is a guaranteed leak-proof travel system that features:
  • Easy to use and watertight personal liquid containers in an elegant carrying case.
  • Keeps liquids secure
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Small enough to fit into any size airline carry-on travel bag.
  • Can be used with any hair, skin or makeup liquid products
  • Liquid containers are high quality dishwasher safe, BPA-free and food-grade – for easy clean up and storage
  • Complies with ALL TSA liquid regulations – liquid containers are 1oz and 2oz and will fit into a 1QT bag for easy inspection
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    These are super cute and totally practical! I’m definitely going to add this to my wishlist. Thanks!!

    • Hey Jess! Yes it sure is!